CR2 Alter Menu update with new features


The latest version of CR2 Alter Menu module for OpenCart fixes a small bug related to newline characters in custom HTML wrapping used in extreme mode but also adds an awesome new feature: shortcodes!

Now one can easily include built-in OpenCart content to the main menu via shortcodes. Available options are:

store categories and store top categories (via drop down menu)

store information pages and store footer information pages (via drop down menu)

store manufacturers (via drop down menu)

automatic links for account, cart and contact pages

See the demo and download the latest update from OpenCart.

Extensions updates for OpenCart 1.5.5.x

Today we are announcing the first round of compatibility updates to some of our extensions for the latest OpenCart versions: 1.5.5 and The following extensions have either been tested and deemed to work correctly or have been updated:

Default-Black theme

Bloody-Black theme

CR2 Alter Menu module

CR2 Grid Enabler module

CR2 HTML Module / CR2 HTML Module Pro module

Riot Reactions » Cryout Creations reunification


To finish something that we (should have) started almost a year ago, we will be switching the (now) Riot Reactions website back to the main domain and name – (and .com)

None of the content will change, everything will be kept as is – pages, comments, the forum. But we will have to take both domains off-line for a couple of hours while we move content, update links and check that everything works as it should.

The premium support system will not be affected, but the forum and the premium support form will be unavailable during the switch.

Server Maintenance


On the 4th 5th of February we will be performing a bit of server maintenance.

While doing this, we might break stuff and make our website vanish from the internet. If that happens, do not worry, it will only be temporary and we will return.

This maintenance affects all our websites so the forum and premium support system might also be unavailable for a while.

Migration to a new support model

One year since opening up our support section we are now transitioning to a different support model.

This has been decided mostly by the sheer volume of support requests we have been receiving lately each day (not including the continuation of support requests from previous days).

We are a small team and we are now spending more time answering support requests (of which most are theme customization questions or WordPress general questions) than we spend developing and expanding our creations. This isn’t exactly what we wished for…

Hoping to return to our true calling, we are splitting support into two separate sections:

free support, which is provided via a forum – this will help us avoid repeatable questions and hopefully help build a community willing to help itself;
premium support via tickets (email), included for all our commercial extensions and also available via donations for our free work;

The migration is complete. There are still some tweaks to be done but hopefully everything works as it should.


Mantra version is out 3 days now, so here’s the changelog:

Mobile View is now enabled by default on fresh installs

Finally fixed the slider mysteriously not working under certain circumstances

The videos automatic resize function (temporarily removed in now only triggers when the screen width is smaller than 800 pixels (and Mobile view option is enabled)

Mantra’s Presentation Page, when enabled, is now active no matter how the “Your front page displays” option in WordPress is set.

Removed the mistakenly set gray background colour for the mobile menu (the menu will now retain the colour you set)

Removed the “Navigation” item (mistakenly interpreted as an actual link by some mobile browsers) from the mobile menu

For a complete list of file changes, see the trac.

Mantra and

It seems it became a habit to release Mantra changelogs in pairs, even though the changelog is long overdue and is not even out yet (this will probably be the first changelog ever released in advance :) )


a couple of options names and descriptions were clarified

fixed the function that makes sure the sidebars have the right height when they have background colours defined

improved handling of the above function fixing it’s failure to work in some instances

added support for “apple touch icon” favicon

limited PIE support for only the elements that actually need it

fixed the slider page not working in some cases apparently it didn’t

the “Search” string is now translatable


articles should arrange themselves better on the page when Magazine Layout is enabled

removed automatic resize of the videos (part of Mobile View option)

meta date and author are now properly hidden from bots

hopefully fixed all issues related to the drop down [sub-[sub-[sub…]]]-sub-menus on all browsers

New release: CR2 Landing Page

Since we’ve made it past the end of the world and we are still alive, we’ve decided to release the free edition of our CR2 Landing Page Pro OpenCart module.

The free edition comes without some features, but the basic options are still there: you can display a custom message/text box to your visitors on whichever page you want, that custom content can be retrieved only from a remote URL, and you can set the width and the height of the message box area.

A feature comparison and more details can be found on the dedicated section in our site.


The module can be downloaded from the OpenCart Extensions Directory.

End of the world… sort of


So it’s finally here… that time of the year/decade/century when the world ends… again… apparently…

Hopefully you’ve put all your earthly businesses in order, emptied your bank account, watched all apocalypse films one more time and are all set and ready to go – into the afterlife/reincarnation/abyss.

So you’re not convinced yet? But this time it must be true, the signs are all there: 21.12.(20)12… 21 is reversed 12, must mean something, right? and it comes after 12.12.(20)12… another special date. Also it’s the winter solstice, and some many people were wrong so many times before in the last hundred years, they must be right once, mustn’t they?

Oh, and let’s not forget – it’s all the ancient Mayans fault, they’re the ones running out of numbers for their calendar.

So sit down, relax, open a soda/beer/, have a sip, relax some more then go and spend a lovely Friday evening playing a game / out with some friends or your loved ones / having a bowl / .

See you here on Saturday, the first day after the world has ended… again… apparently…

PS: Does anyone know at what time the world ends? :)

New release: CR2 Landing Page Pro

Today we are happy to release a new OpenCart module – CR2 Landing Page Pro

This is the commercial edition of the module which enhances OpenCart by allowing you to display a custom message/text box to your visitors on whichever page you want.

The free (missing some of the features) version will also be published in a couple of days.

Several options are included, like the ability to add the custom content from several sources:

custom HTML defined within the module
remote URL file/page
OpenCart built-in Information Page
Also, several design options are configurable, as the content area width and height, overlay background colour and opacity.

More details are available on the dedicated section in our site.


The module is available for purchase in the OpenCart Extensions Directory.