Mantra 1.8.1/1.8.2 plague?


If you’ve recently updated to Mantra 1.8.1 or 1.8.2, it’s very likely that’s what you are here for :)

These two versions of Mantra are plagued by a couple of small (but somewhat annoying bugs) like images not getting displayed on the homepage, some comment fields issues and a couple of other little things that needed fixing.

So if you’re using 1.8.1/1.8.2, please update to 1.8.3 before reporting any issues. No matter how much we may like bugs, we hope to have fixed most…

Mantra Triple Pack updates 1.8.2 – 1.8.3 – 1.8.4


Yeah a lot has been going on. We’ll be brief this time. No more supermen.

In 1.8.2 we added 2 more menus or navigations or whatever you wanna call them. One at the top of the page and one in the footer.

In 1.8.3 we added an option to keep tags in post excerpts. And we fixed some bugs.

In 1.8.4 we fixed some more bugs but we also addressed the front-page slider issues and added more customization options to the front page. We actually changed the slider altogether; we’re using Nivo sider now. We also added 2 more optional titles and 2 optional text areas. You can also remove bits of the front page so it will look like the first page of your dreams.

In 1.8.5 we’re going to add some default images and text to the front page so you’ll get an idea of how the front page looks before editing it. We’ll also make it more intuitive and we’ll probably fix some more bugs. You let us know.

Riot Reactions » Cryout Creations re-unification

While getting ready for the end of the world (as so many consider 2012 to be – us not included), we have decided to make a big change to our websites structure.

Even though we considered it a good idea at first – separating our client-oriented work (done under our Cryout Creations website) from our freelancing/open source work (presented under the Riot Reactions website and name) – we ended up realising that using two “brand” names is very confusing for our visitors and users.

So in the upcoming weeks/months we will be working on re-integrating Riot Reactions into the master Cryout Creations website. Do not worry, no content or comments will be lost, we will migrate everything… as soon as we find the best way to do it :)

Please bare with us during this change… it will not be easy…