Netcore Routers Backdoor and Solution 192.168.l.l

Hackers are notorious for stealing sensitive information from individuals and using it for their personal gain. Netcore, a Chinese manufacturer that produces a router called Netis, has made the jobs of hackers much easier. According to PC world, the manufacturer made a hardwired password inside of the system that allows hackers to view and monitor activity. This is equivalent to the administration tools you receive when using 192.168.l.l in your browser.

Netcore’s NW616 router model uses port 53413 which allows full control of the device and allows prying eyes to eavesdrop information within the devices hooked up to the router. Using 192.168.l.l in your web browser allows you to beef up security on your end by permitting you to password protect your wifi, manage port permissions and much more. However, the 192.168.l.l tool will not prevent you from being hacked while using a Netcore router.

One must use outside software such as Tomato in order to make sure their privacy is not at risk. As stated earlier, using 192.168.l.l is also a great way to prevent one of the most common types of hacking – sniffing. Sniffing is when a hacker looks for unsecured wifi networks and breaks into them. Use 192.168.l.l to password protect your wireless network from outsiders.

Build A Firewall For Your Router

When you want to protect your wireless router, you need to make sure that you are using to set up the firewall for the router. When you enter in the address bar for your browser, you will be taken to the setup page for the router itself. This is the place where you can see all the options for the router, and you will be able to decide how you want to set up security for the router.

The Firewall

When you enter you want to go to the firewall settings for the router. Many routers will let you put in security settings or use a password, but you want to go deeper when you enter The firewall is a secure barrier that prevents people from hacking into your router. When people cannot hack into your router, they will not be able to hack into your computers or personal files.

The first thing you want to do when you set up the firewall is to make sure that you have recorded all the security settings for it. You want to take a screenshot of the settings you used when you entered, and you want to save that screenshot to always know how to set up the security for your router at home or at the office.