Repairing Skills of Common Router Problems

Routers are one of the most important components involved in networking. They route information to the destination machine, which in turn enables you to connect multiple devices to one broadband connection.

That’s why you may experience delays or dropped packets when your router starts to act funny.

Below is a list of the common problems routers face, most of which can be solved by simply visiting and fixing a setting or two.

1. Wireless Issues

Fixing wireless connectivity issues may be as simple as logging into and then authenticating to your router’s web interface.

Once there, you should try changing the wireless network band and technology used with your wireless network. If that doesn’t work, then you should try moving your router and your connected device to see if something is creating interference.

2. IP Collision

IP collision occurs when two or more devices try to obtain the same IP from your router. When this happens, they may both be unable to connect to your network.

To solve this, ensure that every computer on your network has a unique IP address. You can solve this by setting the IP on the device individually or altering your router’s DHCP settings, the latter of which are commonly accessible by logging in to

3. No WAN Connection

If you’re unable to connect to your ISP but your router still appears to work, then it’s likely that your router is the cause of the problem.

When this happens, inspect your router’s lights first. If anything is blinking, then that will give you an indication of what isn’t working like it should.

If all your router’s lights are a solid color, then the hardware may have malfunctioned. You can try resetting the router to factory settings, but fixing this issue office requires replacement of the router.

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